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Lansley Everett & Moore LLC has one of the most successful private equity track records in the Americas, with a history of principal investment dating back to 1987. Its core focus is on the Americas and Anglo Saxon markets, but with an international reach extending into Asia and North America.

Lansley Everett & Moore LLC's track record of success is both in terms of its investment partners and its management partners. Lansley Everett & Moore LLC's investors are institutions from around the world, many of whom are now multi fund investors with the group. Lansley Everett & Moore LLC has delivered top quartile results over its historical track record since 1987.

Lansley Everett & Moore LLC is equally proud of its record of partnering with top flight management teams, and sharing the rewards of the success of developing portfolio companies with these teams. Over 260 investee company executives have made more than $1 million each from their equity participation alongside Lansley Everett & Moore LLC in its portfolio companies to date.
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